With decades of experience and knowledge, Decor Parquet and Bona now give you the clear and simple answer, the Bona Floor Treatment Program, with 4 different treatment types for the various needs of your wooden floor with dustless sanding technology.

Decor Parquet is the only Bona Certified SAWALFA approved company offering these services in South Africa.

Renovate Treatment

Renovate for total Beauty

When the floor is severely damaged or yellowed, showing deep scratches and a completely lifeless appearance, the Renovate Treatment is recommended. The Renovate Treatment not only gives a total renewal of the floor’s beauty and protection, it also opens up endless possibilities to change the entire look of the floor.

The full renovation includes dustless sanding down to bare wood using our comprehensive range of sanding machines and high-performance abrasives. With the Bona Dust Care System (DCS), a powerful tool for completely dust-free sanding, health and safety is ensured for craftsmen and floor owners,

The sanded-down floor is then completely retreated with any Bona coat that suits the demands of the surface. It’s like getting a whole new floor, with endless possibilities!

Sand to bare wood using a minimum of three grit sizes for a smooth finishApply a waterborne primerFine and intermediate sanding to cut back grain raise
Apply two consecutive layers of topcoat for total surface protectionCompletely new with the desired impression – matt, glossy or coloured

Restore Treatment

Restore for a longer floor lifetime

When the top layer of a wooden floor’s protective surface is slightly stained or showing light scratches, the Restore Treatment can effectively restore its original beauty. It is an excellent alternative to a full renovation, with less downtime and cost.

High-performance Bona Diamond Abrasives are used to prepare the surface by removing scratches and wear. The perfectly smooth sanded surface can then be recoated with Bona Traffic HD, giving the floor a new layer of durable protection with perfect adhesion to the layer beneath.

Restoring the floor’s beauty and prolonging its lifetime is now an overnight job!

Ensure suitable brushes are usedFill up Bona PowerScrubber with Bona Deep Clean SolutionClean the floor by covering area in linear orderSuperficial abrasion with Diamond Abrasives (grit 240)
Apply Bona Traffic HD with trowel and rollerRe-protected, beautifully prepared for new challenges

Revive Treatment

Revive effectively with little downtime

The Revive Treatment is a new effective way of keeping floors beautiful, bringing dull wooden floors back to life in an instant. This quick revival delivers remarkable results between floor renovations, and the floor is ready to be walked on after as little as half a working day.

Using the Bona PowerScrubber machine with the specially formulated Bona Deep Clean Solution, the wooden surface is effectively deep cleaned, so even the toughest dirt, grime and scuff marks are removed. The floor is then ready for a fresh layer of polish, oil, or Bona Wax Oil Refresher, depending on the type of finish.

The floor will look close to new, in just a matter of hours!

Ensure suitable brushes are usedFill up Bona PowerScrubber with Bona Deep Clean SolutionClean the floor by covering area in linear order
If needed, apply surface conditionerFor oiled / hard wax oiled floors, buffer with Bona FlexiSandFloor is revived with new life and a fresh look

Deck Deep Cleaning

A new dimension to Decking

The Bona Decking System is a fast and convenient solution that involves a unique deep cleaning process and a sustainable oil protection. With this powerful system, wooden decks will look as good as new with long-lasting protection, while keeping environmental sustainability and the health of the craftsman and floor owner in mind.
The oiling process using the Bona Decking Oil gives robust protection to outdoor decks all year round. The special formula is based on vegetable oils and contains additives that reduce the effects of UV-radiation on the wood. It prevents wooden decks from cracking and prevents water penetration.

A new dimension to deckingBona Decking SystemBrings your wooden deck back to life