Decor Parquet has been involved in a number of heritage building restorations. Heritage structures perform a vital role in a nation’s history, culture and signify the richness of it. To augment life and enhance strength, their restoration is very important for the future generations to have knowledge about how mankind lived in past ages. Restoration involves investigating, diagnosing and correcting deficiencies and deterioration of the Flooring. Identification of common defects and problems faced in old flooring and devising a systematic approach towards restoring the flooring issues is our speciality.

Our Heritage building restoration process is a multidisciplinary approach. It is known that heritage structures are meticulously designed and skillfully constructed structures. An equally competent and compatible strategy is required for their preservation.

We Tackle the restoration with a three front approach:

  1. Physical condition: Behaviour of materials and structural systems, deterioration causes and mechanisms, possible interventions, long-term efficacy of treatments, etc.
  2. Management context: Availability and use of resources, including funds, trained personnel, and technology; political and legislative mandates and conditions; land use issues, etc.
  3. Cultural significance and social values: Why an object or place is meaningful, to whom, for whom it is conserved, the impact of interventions on how it is understood or perceived, etc.

All these challenges should be given due consideration to arrive at the best possible technique of restoration which will not only be effective but also economical.

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