We just love wooden floors. Their warmth. Their comfort. Their timeless beauty. Decor Parquet, wooden floor specialists, have been restoring and installing wooden floors with minimal harm to the environment for years: Decor Parquet is taking things to the next level. From using reclaimed wood instead of new wooden products, to our modern dustless sanding systems, we make sure our environmental footprint is as small as possible.

How do we do this? For a start, we use only environmentally-friendly adhesives and sealants from Bona, the world leaders in wooden floor care. This is not only healthy for the environment, but also healthy for you, as there are no harmful fumes or chemicals involved. View our product selection here.

We waste as little as possible.

Being environmentally friendly also means wasting as little as possible, any offcuts or blocks that we can’t use are recycled to make products like kitchen chopping boards, tables and bespoke furniture.

We take the fuss and mess out of renovating your floors.

Sanding floors has always been a dusty business, but our high-tech dust-free sanding system means you don’t even have to cover your bookshelves, electronics, curtains and furniture. And since the dust never has a chance to settle, only thing you are left with is a stunningly beautiful floor.

It’s all part of our passion for creating beautiful floors with a conscience.

Wooden floors are fast becoming trendy again – but a greater ‘green’ awareness means modern homeowners are increasingly insisting on environmentally friendly floors, with reclaimed wood and low-chemical adhesives high on their priority list.

Although most modern wooden floor products come from sustainable forests, there’s a growing demand for floors made from reclaimed wood. This wood is harvested from old homes and factories, and machined specially for new installations.

We’re seeing a huge increase in the numbers of people looking to install or restore wooden floors, Home-owners are recognising the fact that wood not only looks great, but it adds warmth, timeless beauty and class to any room. And the floors fit in with their green aspirations.

Thankfully, modern technology is able to help homeowners get the environmentally-friendly floors they want. This is not only healthy for the environment, but also for the homeowners, as there are no harmful fumes or chemicals involved.

We are proud to be certified Bona Craftsman and a Level 4 certified business enterprise.