With over 15 years experience in installing and restoring wood floors, and equipped with the necessary technological know-how, Decor Parquet, Wood Floor Professionals, is a major role player in the industry, offering a specialised service, whilst ensuring minimal harm to the environment at all times. Decor Parquet are wood floor professionals in laminate flooring, parquet, hardwood and engineered oak whether its a new or reclaimed wood installation you won’t find a more professional service.
We are the go to people for any wood floor restoration or renovation. Our environmentally friendly wood floor restoration service for all residential and commercial projects uses innovative dust free sanding and repair systems on all types of wooden flooring. Our complete work process comprising the use of reclaimed wood instead of new wooden products, modern dustless sanding systems, water based wood sealants and European Union certified adhesives ensures our environmental footprint is as small as possible. With a variety of maintenance solutions including weekly or daily cleaning programs, a deep cleaning program we even offer a wooden deck revival system.  At Decor Parquet, we love wood floors. Their warmth. Their comfort. Their timeless beauty. And you can be assured of excellent service and a beautiful product with an understanding that our environmental footprint is as small as possible.IMG_9510  
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